Private house buyers

Selling a house can bring profit, joy and new opportunities into a homeowner’s life when approached the right way. Otherwise, it can become a frustrating event filled with expense, disappointment and unhappiness. Unfortunately, the difference occurs when owners sell to real estate agents instead of private house buyers.

Private house buyers

Counting the Savings

It takes little time for your expenses to mount when you sell your Ottawa or Toronto home the traditional way. Unfortunately, hiring a real estate agent can take one of the biggest bites out of your profit. You can find hundreds of houses like yours on Zillow Canada where you can see the selling price and taxes.

As home prices increase, the 5-7 percent real estate agent’s fee makes the cost go up as well. Other costs you can avoid when you do not hire an agent can amount to significant savings.

• Repairs

You can easily spend thousands on repairs for a leaky roof or basement, new paint and the costs to fix anything that does not work. But, as private house buyers in toronto and ottawa, HappyDoor wants to buy your house in its current condition. So you save money, get a quick sale and avoid doing any work.

• Readiness

A house that can sell fast must look like a model home. While you still live there, your style dominates it. Potential buyers want to picture themselves as owners. However, that becomes hard to do when your photos, books and magazines, electronic devices, favorite chairs and clutter remind them of you.

You can hire someone to make your home ready to show, but it can cost a lot. When you sell to Happy Door, you can live in the comfort you enjoy until closing. The lived-in condition of your home does not delay a sale to our private house buyers.

• Cleaning

Similar to readiness, cleanliness matters. The condition that potential buyers want to see includes a pressure-washed exterior and professionally cleaned carpets. Floors swept and mopped give the appearance of cleanliness that buyers want. Even if you have children or pets, your yard must remain free of toys, trash and animal droppings.

In addition, real estate agents may choose to show your house to someone at any time. The burden rests on you to maintain it in pristine condition as long as it stays on the market. When you choose to sell to our private house buyers, you avoid the work and expense of keeping your property in perfect shape.

Meeting Financial Obligations

A home sale in ottawa or toronto, can mean an end to property taxes, home insurance, utility bills, HVAC maintenance, lawn care and other obligations of home ownership. However, the market may mean a quick sale or one that takes a long time. Your expenses continue as long as you live in the house.

As a sure way to get out from under your obligations, our Happy Door private house buyers can buy your house any time you choose. In addition, we can offer you a $10,000 cash deposit before closing to tide you over if you need it.

Choosing a Reliable Way to Sell a House

Something that looks easy may turn out entirely differently. While the real estate market may look hot to you, it does not work that way for everyone. The advantages go to the sellers who can afford to wait for a buyer. Most people have a reason to sell, and the time it takes can miss the mark. When you sell your home to private house buyers, you choose the most reliable way to make a deal.

Selling for Different Reasons

A decision to sell a home in toronto or ottawa can result from circumstances or preferences. No one can anticipate the changes that life events require. As a result, homeownership seems better at some times than at others. Facing foreclosure presents a perfect opportunity to let private house buyers prevent your financial problems. A divorce can have a similar impact as it requires an immediate decision.

Considering What Can Go Wrong

You know you have equity in your home, but turning it into cash can prove harder than it seems. For one thing, it can take a long time to get your money. Finding a buyer proves expensive and time-consuming if you try the for sale by owner approach. Hiring a real estate agent costs even more. On the other hand, you can get your money within days when you sell your home to private house buyers.

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Aside from keeping your house clean and ready for a buyer to see, you must vacate it for a visit. No buyer wants to examine your house while you watch. You can hope to receive an offer, but that process can involve bickering about the price.

Even when you find a buyer, the pitfalls start arriving at your doorstep. A person with a poor credit record may not qualify for a mortgage. Happy Door private house buyers have ready cash that does not depend on a bank.

Getting Value When You Sell to Private House Buyers

As someone interested in the real estate market, you have knowledge that helps you know when to sell your home. At Happy Door, we know that you have options. You can decide to sell to anyone whenever you like. We understand that you want a fair value for your home, and we assure you that we can provide it.

While you do not want to give your property away, you know that you get a little less from private house buyers by not hiring a real estate agent. We present a fair and honest offer without playing games. If you want to get started on a sale, give us the chance to prepare an offer for you.

Waiting for Closing

The legal process of selling a house may have more complications than you imagine. If you want to move to another city for a new job, you need a time certain for the closing. Real estate deals can fall through at the last moment. Many buyers back out the day before for various reasons.

Maybe their bank denied financing, or maybe their plans changed. In any event, it means that you must wait longer to get paid. With private house buyers, you never run into a failed offer or a botched sale.

Taking the Best Path to a Home Sale

At Happy Door, you can find an easy way to sell your home for the highest price without hassle or delay. As professional real estate investors, we know how to limit our expenses and profit margins. As a result, you get more cash for your sale.

Our private house buyers want to buy your Ottawa or Toronto home as it stands without any effort on your part. We like houses in as-is condition, and you save money on cleaning and repairs. You can count on us to give you the highest price and closing within a few days. In addition, we charge no fees for our service. We want to help you sell your home and get the best outcome. Call us today to get started.

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