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Avoid Seller’s Remorse with HappyDoor’s
Highest Price Offer

How it works

Our business is built on the promise of paying sellers more than anyone else. You can rest easy that you’ll get the highest off-market price for your house with HappyDoor.



How we´re able to do it

We’re able to offer the most for your house because we have a different way of doing business than other investors who buy houses off-market. We’re willing to earn less per transaction than competitors, and can afford to because of the volume of homes we purchase. It’s a win-win. Sellers earn more, and we continue to grow HappyDoor to help more homeowners during their time of need.

How we determine your offer



We assess the necessary repairs on your home to bring it to marketable condition.



We calculate your home’s value based on these repairs.



We figure out a fair but smaller profit to compensate for completing this work.



We pass along the savings to our sellers in order to win more business.

Frequently asked questions

We are currently operating in Ottawa and Toronto markets and we will purchase homes in surrounding areas as well.

None! You pay no fees when you sell your house to HappyDoor- we cover all of your closing costs.

Our business is built on the promise of paying sellers more for their home. HappyDoor is able to offer you more for your house than any other off-market competitor because we have a different way of doing business. We take less profit on each transaction, which makes our sellers happy and allows us to serve more sellers.

Our competitors’ objective is to buy from you at as low a price as possible – it is how they make money. We aim to pay sellers as much money as possible.

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