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Do you need to sell a property as fast as possible? HappyDoor may be the Ottawa house buyer you need.

Ottawa House Buyer

Whether this will be your first property sale or one of many, you have an ideal scenario in mind. Even in Ottawa’s competitive housing market, there’s no guarantee someone will make an offer on your home within your desired time frame. Some sellers are willing to wait as long as it takes to receive a certain offer, but if selling your home fast is the main priority, HappyDoor is the answer.

Selling a Home: Why You Might Want to Speed up the Process

Why would someone choose an Ottawa house buyer over a traditional sale? If you’ve ever sold a property using a traditional realtor in the past, you already know the process can be quite involved. First, there’s all the cleaning, painting, repairs, and other preparations to get the property ready for showings. This is all time-consuming—not to mention costly.

On top of all that, when someone does make an offer, it often falls through later. Sometimes this can happen weeks into the paperwork. If it does, there’s no choice but to start over with new potential buyers. Some people get stuck in this ugly cycle for months or even years.

How do you know if selling for cash is for you? If you find yourself in any of the following situations, an Ottawa house buyer might be an excellent option.

Your Property is a Mess

Maybe you never got around to renovating, and now, there isn’t time. You could be struggling financially and finding it impossible to make the needed repairs that would make the property desirable. Even worse, a fire or accident could have caused severe damage. Until you sell, you won’t have the cash you need to move into a new place.

Whether you lack the means, the time, or the energy, the fact is that you can’t hassle with fixing up the property. In situations like this, a quick cash sale through HappyDoor is a good solution.

You Have Terrible Tenants

An unruly tenant is a landlord’s worst nightmare. If you’re sick of dealing with tenants who’ve damaged the property or failed to pay rent on time, an Ottawa house buyer can take the problem off your hands.

You’re Getting Divorced

In some divorces, neither person wants to remain in the home they and their spouse once shared. If that’s the case in your situation, a cash sale could be a good option. This prevents one party from having to buy out the other. It also ensures the court can easily divide assets during the divorce proceedings. The main benefit is not having to worry about any of the negative issues of a traditional sale during an already difficult time.

You’re Going Through Other Major Life Changes

Hard times can mean making tough decisions. Anything from a sudden job loss to a major medical emergency can change the course of your life. If you need to quickly move to another area for a job or to stay with family members during a rough time, you likely won’t have the energy to worry about fixing up a property. You also might need fast cash to cover medical bills or moving expenses.

You’ve Received an Inheritance

Receiving a property through an inheritance seems like quite a blessing, right? It is, but you’ll also be inheriting all the responsibility. Property taxes and maintenance costs can add up. If an unexpected inheritance has left you with an additional property you can’t afford, you may choose to sell either property for cash. That way, you’ll get the most out of your windfall without the weight of responsibilities you don’t want.

You’re Retiring

Congratulations on making it to retirement! Now, it’s time to downsize, and you don’t want to go through the stress and hassle of fixing up your current property. These are your golden years, after all. Let a quality Ottawa house buyer do the work while you focus on enjoying your retirement.

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You’re Not Finding Tenants

You purchased this property to be a rental, but you’ve struggled to find tenants who will stick around a while. Rather than go through the hassles of writing out rental listings every time a tenant chooses to not renew their lease, you might want to sell the property for cash. That way, you can wash your hands of landlord life and move on to greater things.

You’re Facing Foreclosure

Life can be rough. If you’re in a bad spot, and you haven’t been able to make your mortgage payments, a quick cash sale could solve the problem. Unlike a traditional sale, which could drag on, the cash sale can happen before the foreclosure takes place.

You’ve Done Work Without the Permits

When you believe you’re in your forever home, you may do renovations without bothering to get the proper permits. Now, things have changed, and you want to leave. To do a traditional sale, you’ll need to fix all these issues and get the property up to code. Does that sound like more than you want to take on? If the answer is yes, consider an Ottawa home buyer.

You Have Your Eye on Your Dream Home

When it comes to selling one property and buying another, the timing can be tricky. In most cases, you’ll need the profits from the sale before you decide how much you can afford to offer in the next place. If you’re browsing properties and stumble upon a place that’s everything you’ve always dreamed of, it makes sense to not let the opportunity pass. Selling your current property for cash could put you in the position to make a competitive offer on the home you’ve always wanted.

How Cash Sales Work: Is HappyDoor Different?

There are a variety of home-buying services out there, and you may have heard the buzz about some of them being shady. What makes HappyDoor different? How exactly does it work?

Most similar companies have the goal of buying homes for as low a price as the client will accept. What makes HappyDoor stand out is the commitment to offering each client the highest amount possible for their property. You won’t pay any fees or closing costs. If needed, HappyDoor will even provide you with a $10,000 cash advance. This helps you have immediate access to the funds you need to move or cover other major costs.

The HappyDoor process is simple. First, you fill out a quick form requesting an offer. A HappyDoor customer advisor will then contact you to discuss the details. A representative from the company will visit the property to assess its condition. You’ll then receive an offer. It’s that easy! Up until the point you accept an offer, the entire process is free of obligations.

The company takes a reasonable portion of the profits to compensate for doing the work for you. Compared to similar home-buying services, you’ll end up with a greater profit. Taking a smaller amount from each sale has allowed the company to earn a reputation as one of the most profitable home-buying services in Ottawa.

HappyDoor: The Gateway to a Hassle-free Home Sale

Brad Dolan, CEO of HappyDoor, founded the company with a simple goal in mind. He wanted to make selling easier for property owners who didn’t have the time, resources, or energy to endure the traditional process. Brad’s background in technology and commerce degree from Carleton University provided a valuable skillset. He has used his knowledge to create a company that fulfills a home seller’s true needs. With his partner Teri-Leigh and French bulldog Morty at his side, Brad continues to work to ensure HappyDoor satisfies each client.

Are you in need of an Ottawa house buyer who can close the deal fast? Call HappyDoor today or reach out online to get started.

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