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  • Sell as-is.
  • No repairs, updates or showings.
  • Move on your timeline.
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The HappyDoor Promise

HappyDoor is your local off-market buyer- we provide transparency, certainty and the highest price. We promise to provide you with peace of mind and support throughout the entire process.

Highest Price Offer

We keep our costs low and take less margin than our competitors leaving more cash in your pocket and zero fees.

Sell As Is

No clean up or repairs needed. No showings, open houses or uncertainty. Sell as-is without listing your home on the market or doing any work.

Close With Certainty

We work on your timeline to complete the closing process and provide you with a $10,000 cash deposit in advance of closing. Avoid the risk of an investor backing out at the last minute, costing you time and money.

When Sellers Turn to HappyDoor for Help

HappyDoor focuses on helping you sell your house off-market for the highest price, without any work, in any condition. We’ve helped sellers in situations like these (and more!):

Property is dated or needs repairs
Financial distress such as loss of job or medical bills
Unexpected life events
Downsizing or relocation due to retirement
Inherited property you don’t want or need
Structural issues or un-permitted work
Damage from natural disasters
Vacant or difficult rental property


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HappyDoor offers the highest off-market price for your house in as-is condition. Receive a $10,000 cash advance deposit if you need immediate financial support prior to closing. Awesome, right?


Close in as quickly as 10 days- or take your time and close up to 60 days after you accept our offer. It’s 100% in your control.

The HappyDoor Difference

HappyDoor is changing the way homeowners sell dated or damaged homes off-market. Every day we help our sellers get the highest off-market price, on their timeline, without any work or worry.


  • 5% of purchase price (plus other fees)
  • Price haggling and unpredictable closing date
  • Clean up and repair stress
  • Multiple showings and open houses
  • Long sales timeline, often 2-3+ months
  • Zero fees to sell your home
  • Highest off-market price ($$$)
  • Sell AS-IS. No cleanup, repairs, or conditional offers
  • $10,000 cash advance deposit in advance of closing
  • Close in as little as 10 days, or move at your own pace (up to 60 days)


  • Hidden fees at closing
  • Lower prices, taking a large profit margin
  • Zero transparency around repairs and updating
  • High-pressure sales tactics, often lacking trust
  • Small-scale local operators (not a trusted brand)
  • High-risk they’ll back out, costing you time and money

Meet Your Friendly Local Homebuyers

Our founding team has decades of experience in the Canadian housing market. For far too long, we’ve seen owners of distressed homes get a bad deal, settling for less than what they deserve and feeling taken advantage of.

We created HappyDoor to change that.

We’re the only off-market buyer of dated or damaged houses in Canada to provide a transparent, worry-free process and the highest price. Because we buy houses at scale, we can afford to take less margin on our homes and can give more money to our sellers.

For homeowners trying to evaluate the tradeoffs of selling on or off-market, we’re here to help advise on that decision. Our home assessment, scope of work for necessary repairs, and offers are free and no obligation. Our goal is to empower the home seller with all of the information needed to make the best decision for themselves, with no cost or added pressure.

We are currently operating in Ottawa and Toronto markets and we will purchase homes in surrounding areas as well.

Call or email us today to get your free, no obligation cash offer!

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